Equi-lete® Rhythm is a pelleted equine supplement promoting gastric buffering and support for foregut and hindgut health.

  • Contains Seaweed-Derived Calcium to Optimize Gastric pH.
  • Promotes Intestinal Integrity.
  • Supports Tight Cell Junctions and Enteric Cell Health.
  • Promotes Immune Health.


    1. Prolonged Buffering of Gastric pH.
    2. Promotes Healthy Hind Gut Tissues (Enteric cells).
    3. Promotes Immune Health.
    4. Reduced Negative Impacts of Stress.
    5. Promotes Intestinal Integrity.
    6. Provides Nutrients for Cell Growth and Repair.
    7. Supports Tight Cell Junctions.


    1. Seaweed-Derived Calcium & Magnesium.
    2. ButiPearl Z EQ Technology.
    3. Metabolites of Yeast Culture.
    4. Essential Oils.

Feeding Instructions

Feed 2 oz, 2 times per day, for a total of 4 oz daily.
Up to 4 additional 2 oz doses may be fed per day as needed.

Enclosed scoop holds approximately 2 oz.

Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.
The use of free choice white salt is recommended.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 8.0%
Crude Fat (min) 3.9%
Crude Fiber (max) 12.5%
Calcium (min) 12.0%
Calcium (max) 14.0%
Phosphorus (min) 0.3%
Magnesium (min) 2.4%
Zinc (min) 1800 ppm


Seaweed-Derived Calcium, Alfalfa Meal, Wheat Middlings, Yeast Culture, Vegetable Oil, Butyric Acid, Zinc Oxide (enteric health), Silicon Dioxide, Propylene Glycol, Artifical Flavors, Peppermint Essential Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Diatomaceous Earth, Hemicellulose Extract, Origanum Oil, Cinnamaldehyde, Thyme White Oil, Fenugreek.