Our Story

We have had a simple yet effective horse product at Homestead Nutrition for most of the company’s existence. This product was designed to meet the basic nutritional needs of horses, and it served that purpose well. However, a need and a desire to make a better product, an elite product, began to develop about ten years ago.

Through research and crunching numbers, we developed a top of the line product, Equi-lete® High Step. This product is still used today and has been very successful. Around the same time, we developed a second equine product called Equi-lete® Fertility EQ. This was developed in relationship with a reproductive specialist.

The development of Equi-lete® High Step led to a connection with Windermere Farms Percherons in Spring Mills, PA. They began using our High Step product. Their World Percheron Supreme Champion, Moose, was on High Step when he earned this world recognition. They continue to fit their horses on the Equi-lete® products today!

As time passed from the initial development of High Step, further research and interest lead us to develop two new products: Equi-lete® Physique and Equi-lete® High VAULTage. High Step is a sound product that produces great results for a fair price. These two new products go above and beyond High Step and are based on the latest research and technology, working to stay with the trends in the equine market. So, our current Equi-lete® Premium Horse Product line-up includes High Step, Fertility EQ, Physique and High VAULTage.

High Step – A high quality vitamin and mineral supplement designed to meet the vitamin and mineral needs of easy keepers, obese animals, pleasure horses and horses not having high performance demands being made of them.

High VAULTage – An elite vitamin and mineral supplement designed to meet the vitamin and mineral needs of performance horses, hard keepers, gestating and lactating mares and young stock.

Fertility Formula EQ – A high-energy supplement designed to improve body condition and aid fertility in breeding and pregnant mares or other horses in need of body condition.

Physique – A pelleted supplement designed to enhance and support skeletal structures, muscles and connective tissue.

Made with some of the best ingredients available on the market today, we are confident that you will find these products to be an excellent value, with a great return on your investment!

Don Weaver

President Homestead Nutrition, Inc.