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Download our full color product guide to learn more about the Equi-lete® line of premium supplements.

Equi-lete Product Guide

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Equi-lete® has tremendous success stories, including that of Championship horses.  View some of the successful testimonies of our customers, including our ever growing pro staff.

The Difference

The Equi-lete® products are a superior line-up, built with the highest quality ingredients and based on the latest research and technology available!  Our goal is to provide these elite products at a reasonable price, making them more than worth the investment!

The Equi-lete® products began as one product that was designed to be a basic vitamin and mineral supplement.  It has grown and developed into the premium line of products that we have available today.  As the Equi-lete® product manager, I have enjoyed the challenges and rewards of developing this line, as I have been a part of this project since the beginning.

One of the greatest rewards for me is hearing testimonies from our customers of how the Equi-lete® products have made a real difference in the health and performance of their horses.  We measure success by results!  This is evidenced by the champion horses using our products!

I look forward to bringing this research and technology to many more people, thereby improving the well-being of horses for years to come!


Don Weaver
Equi-lete® Product Manager
President of Homestead Nutrition, Inc.

Equi-lete® Products

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    High Vaultage

    Vitamin and mineral supplement designed for performance horses, young stock and others with high demands.

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    High Step

    Vitamin and mineral supplement designed for horses not having high performance demands made of them.

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    Supplement designed to enhance and support skeletal structures, muscles and connective tissue.

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    Fertility EQ

    High energy supplement designed to improve body condition and aid fertility in breeding and pregnant mares.